Dell Alienware powers EyeMyth 2017
When you talk about VR, the first thing that comes to mind is the hardware. Obviously, the headsets are a big part of the experience but it is also necessary to look at what is powering them. VR headsets are an immersive experience but not an untethered one, the headset itself draws power from a GPU or graphics processing unit. Normally, a GPU powerful enough to drive VR is available only in high end desktops and when the EyeMyth team wanted a portable solution for their needs, they knew who to turn to.

With a prestigious 20-year legacy in PC Gaming, Dell has built its brand to power the most demanding of PC games available today. As a natural progression, that power slowly trickled down into its flagship Alienware laptops, which is what the team at EyeMyth were using to power their VR experiences.

Alienware, Dell’s premier high-performance PC gaming brand, offers unique and award-winning computers that incorporate innovative engineering and are designed with state-of-the-art components. Credited as being one of the first PC gaming hardware manufacturers, Alienware remains committed to creating industry-leading trends in high-performance gaming and being an active and influential member of the gaming community, connecting fans, developers and manufacturers for the advancement of PC gaming.

The CES 2017 Innovation Award Honouree - Gaming category, VR-ready Alienware 15 & Alienware 17 are built with aggressive performance design and best-in-class components. The Alienware 15 and 17 notebooks, are the thinnest and lightest Alienware machines Dell has ever built. Dell is also the first PC manufacturer to introduce cutting edge technology like the TOBII Eye Tracker which enables users to engage in gameplay on the Alienware with their eyes.

The team at EyeMyth actively leveraged these technologies to bring their vision of an immersive new media experience to life. Alienware not only powered the VR showcase at the event but also played a crucial part in helping participants at the various workshops achieve their goals. The laptops were an integral part of what made the event successful.