The potential applications for the technology are staggering, everything from home décor to video games can be made more immersive when you don’t have a peripheral attached to your head, not to mention the fact that Holograms inhabit real space and are fully 3D.

Smart windows

Smart Windows can go from being transparent to frosted to being completely opaque. These windows consist of special conductive glass plates which are outlined with metal ions which are spread out over the surface, blocking or natural light in response to electrical current.

Paints that act as Air Purifiers

It’s no secret that we live in one of the world’s most polluted countries, so much so that breathing the air in the capital is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. As always, we as a country are slow to wake up to any threat and the only solution on the market right now are either masks or bulky Air Purifiers. But companies are now innovating to build air purification as a part and parcel of the home. A paint company has now launched a paint that helps purify air. Yup, known as Activated Carbon Technology, this paint can help eliminate a particularly nasty indoor pollutant known as formaldehyde which is commonly found in homes and is present in carpets, flooring, walls, cabinets and wallpapers. These are especially dangerous to people with respiratory problems, these purifying paints combat the pollutant and reduce foul smells to boot.

Facial recognition cameras for home security

The idea is very simple; these cameras can scan and remember faces of family members. Any stranger attempting to gain entry would have his face matched against known family members and be denied or allowed entry at the owner’s behest. These cameras if connected to a criminal database can also match a person’s face against known offenders.

Refrigerators that order food

Connected IoT devices can do lot more than dumb appliances of the past ever could. Since they are always connected online, you can make and maintain a list of items stored in a fridge for example, you can set it up to order supplies when they are running low or order ingredients that you may need for a certain recipe.