Gizmodo Soundtrack debuts: The official Aftermovie
Pop Culture
We at Gizmodo India believe one should work hard. But more than that, we believe we gotta party even harder. It might take away the reason to get up in the morning and head to work, but that's exactly the kind of thing we need on a hard day's night. So we went ahead and curated one of our own parties. We call it Gizmodo Soundtrack.

The debut edition happened in the basement of Nagai, an upscale Japanese resto-bar in Gurgaon on a Saturday night and we have never been happier to see people come with their dancing shoes on to groove with us.

We can't take all the credit though. It was the lineup of kickass electronic artists that set the pace and got people grooving. Nagai's resident DJ, Vinsen set the balls rolling with his techno chops and swings and then he handed the console over to Hoax. A well-known face in the clubbing circuit, Hoax dished out some of the finest ambient tunes that brought the crowd down to the dance floor. His chill tunes were matched by trippy visuals and all we had to do was kick back and enjoy.

Once Hoax was finished, the console was handed over to SHFT who along with Jitter, created a techno jugalbandi rarely seen in the Delhi club circuit. They played late into the night and was supposed to close the set when the most surprising thing happened. Turns out, among the audience was one of electronic music's most known face - Kohra. And he just couldn't resist having a spin at the console. An impromptu Kohra set was just what we needed anyway.

Gizmodo Soundtrack's debut was fantastic, to say the least. And to celebrate that, we created an aftermovie that captures the vibes with perfection. Do watch it and let us know what you think in the comments.