Goodbye Home Button: The new iPhone will not be the same anymore
Mark your calendar folks, Apple is bringing the new iPhone out on September 12. As we approach the launch day, more and more details about the new iPhone, especially the 10th anniversary iPhone or iPhone X as some may call it, is being uncovered.

From the exciting bezel-less display, AMOLED panel to a new digital home button, rumour mills have been running nonstop.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also made some staggering revelations stating Apple is even planning to change the way we use the iPhone by reimagining the concept of the home button.

It is reported that the home button, which has been one of the most iconic design features carried forward from the original iPhone, is going away. Last year we saw Apple abandoning a clicky hardware home button in favour of a capacitive digital one with a haptic engine beneath, to provide the user with the click feedback.

Now it seems that, according to multiple reports, the premium 10th anniversary iPhone will abandon the home button altogether in an effort to accomplish a front design that is just the display and nothing else. Instead, it will have multiple gestures baked into the software that will let the user navigate between the apps and home screen on the upcoming iPhone.

Bloomberg reports that there is going to be a thin software bar across the bottom of the screen, which the user can drag up to the middle to open the phone. When using an app, instead of the current double click, a similar gesture as mentioned above will take the user to the multitasking screen. The multitasking interface has been redesigned to appear like a series of standalone cards as opposed the stack of cards on current iPhones.

Other details revealed include a longer power button for better one handed usage, facial recognition unlocking, and a taller display that will show more content from apps and websites. Along with the 10th anniversary iPhone, Apple will also launch two other iPhones, which will be the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

(Image Source : Apple)