Google has made Bluetooth pairing less of a hassle on Android
Pairing Bluetooth devices to your Android phones are going to be easier than ever. In its latest update of Google Play Services 11.7 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, Google is giving users a new way to connect to devices. Called Fair Pair, the method relatively lesser time to pair to Bluetooth devices.

Fast Pair uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) broadcasts and prompts you to pair with them. Unlike how you had to scan for the device inside the Bluetooth option and then send the pair request which after being accepted, the connection happened.

With Fast Pair, Android will scan for BLE broadcasts from nearby devices and if it discovers a Fair Pair packet, it will be sent to Google's servers where information like the device name, image and the companion app will be gathered. Once the information has come, a priority notification will be displayed on your screen prompting users to "tap to pair" the device.

Once the user taps that option, the pairing is complete and the device is connected to the phone. Android will also prompt you to download a companion app if there is any.

The whole process eliminates the tedious method of going to the settings app and searching for devices. But then again, while Google has allowed support for Fast Pair, companies will also need to incorporate it in their devices. So far, the Google Pixel Buds and some other headphones are compatible.

Google is also inviting manufacturers to incorporate the feature. Interested parties can contact Google here .