HBO accidentally leaks Episode 6 of Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones' Season 7 has been battling with hacks and leaks this year which hasn't been quite what HBO would have looked forward to this year. After its fourth episode was leaked online by a company managing the data for Star India, the next yet-to-be-aired episode 6 of the blockbuster HBO series was leaked accidentally by the studio itself.

A Reddit thread on the ' freefolk' community claims that HBO Spain aired episode 6 in all its entirety. To back his claims, he has posted an image in which Jon Snow and Tormund are possibly having a chat, strolling beyond the wall. Interestingly, this particular shot wasn't a part of the trailer released by HBO for the next episode.

Several comments revealing crucial parts from the episodes in the form of GIFs and images have since then been posted by the fans on the thread.

This comes as a big blow to the studio who has been dealing with a massive hack followed by the leaks when the demands of the hackers weren't met with HBO. In a separate incident, around the same time, Game of Thrones episode 4 was leaked on the i nternet with Star India's logo stamp. On Tuesday this week, Maharashtra police arrested four men from Prime Focus Technologies, the agency which was managing data for Star India, one of whose employees was involved in leaking the episode.