Here's how Gizmodo India celebrated Star Wars: The Last Jedi with Honor 7X
In a galaxy far far away, the Jedi are on a brink of extinction and Rey is their last hope. Luke Skywalker is back but something isn't right. There has been an awakening and he has only seen this raw, untamed power only once before. He wasn't scared then but he is now, seeing Rey wield it. Will Rey be influenced by the dark side, joining hands with Kylo Ren or will she save the Jedi order? Maybe she walks the path which leads up to her becoming a Gray Jedi. Everything will be revealed on December 15 when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters. But before you go and watch the spectacle, Gizmodo India is here to give you an experience into the world of Star Wars.

We celebrated Star Wars and how it has left a mark in the space of technology. At Gizmodo India we wanted to hold down the fort when it comes to bridging technology and culture as we design these events that will bring together cutting-edge productions, electronic and live music for you.

The Last Jedi, eighth film in the series which remain an all-time classic and we thought why not celebrate this pop-culture icon in a much cooler and geekier way than ever.

Our lineup for the evening started with Hoax with a mind bending set followed by VinayakA meets Nolatency who took us on a journey of live electronic music and a closure by the modular synth maestro, Colin Benders.

The Honor 7X was our partner for this celebratory evening through which we will livestreamed the event. We also want to thank Unmute agency who helped us bring these geeky minds together into what culminated into a great night.