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Here’s why OnePlus 5’s new soft gold is super nice1 of 3

  • #Reason -1

    #Reason -1

    With the colour black coming back in vogue due to some smartphones, the matte black finish on the OnePlus 5 despite being nice wasn’t sexy enough for some folks. The new soft gold changes that problem. Firstly, on the front it’s white which makes it look more unique and on the back the soft gold finish doesn’t only look soothing and easy on the eye, it looks utterly classy. Now that can’t be said about some of the other gold finished smartphones because either they are too flashy with a harsher colour of gold or a glossy finish thanks to a glass back that makes the finish look tacky. The OnePlus 5 in gold is a keeper, just like ugh, gold.

  • #Reason -2

    #Reason -2

    Due to the black colour perhaps some people aren’t able to see the true shape and form of the OnePlus 5. The bright white fascia and the gold back properly expose the true form of the phone which looks super impressive. And it is a lovely and ergonomic design which makes the phone very easy to handle.

  • #Reason -3

    #Reason -3

    The gold colour also doesn’t capture dings and dents as quickly. If you notice gold coloured phones actually age very gracefully, certainly more so than anything in black or any dark colour for that matter. This is an advantage for the OnePlus 5 as in this colour this phone will age very well.

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