How the Honor 7x was used to power Justice League-themed Gizmodo Soundtrack 4.0
After the spooky Halloween celebration with Thor Ragnarok, Gizmodo Soundtrack hosted its fourth edition on November 17 celebrating DCEU's Justice League. Summer House Cafe in New Delhi became our Metropolis for the evening as we welcomed Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman as they united to save the world.

We brought together Tessela and Film for this unique audio-visual experience punctuated by the aural dark innovative techno sounds. At the center of this celebration was Huawei's Honor 7X which we put to a good use for capturing the vibe of the evening.

Honor 7X's snappy dual camera setup was used to stream the whole event on Facebook and capture some awesome video footage in which you will see attendees groove to the dark, dystopian and techno music of Tessela and Film.

The dual cameras on the Honor 7X were crazy fast in capturing pictures as well. If you ask us, it's blazing fast shutter speed mimics the super speed of the fastest man alive, The Flash. The smartphone proved to be our true ally, a perfect balance between style and speed.

Here's the official showreel of Gizmodo Soundtrack 4.0: Justice League that corroborates our experience.