Live: Deep Space: 51 Years of Star Trek @ Auro ft. Strange Movements x Else If
Gizmodo Soundtrack
Resistance is futile. We are going where no one has gone before. Gizmodo Soundtrack's Deep Space: 51 Years of Star Trek is happening and if you can't make it to Auro tonight, we are giving you a glimpse of what's going down. In real time. Ever since its inception, Star Trek has inspired countless inneovations in technology including the ubiquitous smartphone as well as the live streaming technology that we are using to broadcast the celebration for you. Never mind the people behind all these technologies.

Else/If, a genre-free act from New Delhi known for picking up sounds from everywhere using live instruments and technology. G " Force" Arjun & Puneesh Suri are the brains behind the project, will man the decks first.

Next up, debuting for the first time in New Delhi is Strange Movements An all-original live AV showcase by Mumbai-based electronic music producer Spryk and visual artist thebigfatminimalist. Splicing various new media techniques, the duo have created a unique dancefloor experience that immerses its audience in a world of sound and light.

We are using the Nokia 8 to broadcast the entire thing. The dual 13-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics is going to be the eyes while the stellar Ozo audio algorithm will tune the sound to your ears.

Watch out for our bothies !

Live long and prosper.