Man Hilariously Reviews the Annoying Water Machine at His Office
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Image: YouTube

It's nice to have a job, and it's nice to work in an office. Yet, as average guy Frank May expresses in a new YouTube video , the workplace comes with frustrations, too. In May's case, it's a too-fancy water machine that costs his company $1,000 a year and does nothing right.

The machine in question is the latest gadget from Ion, an American company that sells the service of on-demand water for an annual fee. It looks like May's office really went for the Cadillac model, the all-new TS 400 that comes with a touchscreen and can even dispense water at different temperatures. The only problem is that the machine in May's office doesn't work-and his hilarious review tells you everything you ever wanted to know about this overpriced replacement for a simple faucet.

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