Mark Zuckerberg did a bizarre VR tour of hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico to promote Facebook's VR tool Spaces
Just when you thought that Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg can't get any more insensitive, they broadcasted a bizarre virtual reality tour of hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico, because according to Zuckerberg "one of the things that is magical about virtual reality is that you can get the feeling of really at a place." What makes it more bizarre is that it was actually part of the product promotion for Facebook's VR tool Spaces, ahead of the fourth annual Oculus Connect conference that will kick off on October 11.

Along with head of social virtual reality Rachel Franklin, Zuckerberg visited hurricane damaged Puerto Rico as a floating VR avatar to observe the damage from the comfort of their offices California wearing VR headsets."We are on a bridge here, and it's flooded. You can sense some of the damage here that the hurricanes have done," said Zuckerberg in the broadcast. "Rachel and I aren't even in the same building in the physical world, but it feels like we're in the same place and can make eye contact," he added before the duo high-fived within the virtual space in front of Puerto Rican devastation.

However, the Facebook CEO did use the opportunity to talk about how Facebook is helping with disaster relief by working with the Red Cross. He pointed out that Facebook has been aiding the disaster relief by sending employees down their to help with connectivity. "When you are in the middle of a disaster like this, it is really important that people have access to the internet so that people can connect with their friends and family, " Zuckerberg pointed out. He added, "it also important that way when relief workers go down there they can coordinate with each other where people need help."

The pair then teleported back to California to promote the Oculus developer conference by showing a 360-degree video from last years event, only for them to take another VR journey to the moon.

(Image Source: Facebook)