OnePlus shows how to improve a camera with a barrage of software updates
The OnePlus 5 launched with one of the best camera’s in its price segment. DxO Mark called it a serious shooter with the dual 16-megapixel and 20-megapixel array on the back enlisting quite a bit of praise with a decent DxOMark rating of 87. Like everything it wasn’t perfect to begin with but with constant software updates OnePlus has shown how a smartphone camera can be upgraded to an amazing degree with continuous iteration.

The improvements to the portrait mode have ensured that it is almost on par as more expensive phones like the iPhone 7 Plus. With the OnePlus 5, the company has essentially massified the technology.

Through a barrage of software updates OnePlus has been slowly improving the camera experience on their flagship. First up, was noise reduction in photos improving the camera in low light conditions which has made the image quality to be very pleasing to the human eye. The next few updates took aim at Electronic Image Stabilisation, enhancing the quality of video and improving textures and sharpness while recording videos at 60fps, they also added country information of photographers in Shot on OnePlus.

The camera app has also seen better optimisation through the updates, fixing issues some users had with the app force closing in Pro Mode, they also made changes to the battery consumption while recording videos and enabled EIS to be used during 4K video recording.

There is something to be said about a company that listens to consumers, after all the most widespread problem facing Android OEM’s today is the fact that updates are often rolled out at a snail’s pace and most manufacturers don’t seem to step up their game once the device is in a user’s hands. OnePlus has not only improved the user experience post launch but have actively sought to improve user experience through constant dialogue with its consumers. After all, this is a company that was formed on the backbone of its fans and it looks like it has no plans to abandon them. And the camera is a great example of how software improvements have been a driving force behind the improvements on the phone.