The iPad could be in for an iPhone X-like makeover in 2018
With the iPhone getting a makeover , can its bigger sibling, the iPad be far behind? Bloomberg claims an iPhone X-like high-end iPad could be released as early as 2018.

Apple is reportedly working on a high-end iPad with slimmer bezels, no home button and FaceID . That does sound like the new iPhone X, doesn't it? Only, it's unlikely an OLED panel will grace the device.

Bloomberg reports that at least one iPad similar to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro will have FaceID, replacing the Home button along with TouchID.

Replacing the home button and removing the bezels will chop down the size of the iPad considerably, bringing it closer to the new design philosophy Apple achieved with the iPhone X. Does it mean the iPad too will have the ugly notch?

More importantly, Apple will have to skip the most attractive upgrade on the iPad — The OLED display. Financial and technical constraints could make it unlikely. Samsung Electronics, which currently makes the iPhone X is the only firm with the capacity to scale it for the iPad.

Components for FaceID too is in short supply. The feature will enable the iPad to be authenticated using facial recognition and animojis.

What is mostly confirmed is that the new iPad will have Apple's latest and most powerful processor with the neural processor and a custom GPU.