Watch us celebrate Star Wars with Honor 7X
On December 9, we celebrated Star Wars and its impact in the world of technology. Auro in New Delhi became our Millenium Falcon for the evening as we welcomed Luke Skywalker's return. Gizmodo India has always been trying to bridge the gap between technology and pop-culture with our cutting-edge productions.

For this, we brought together Hoax who began the evening with a mind-bending set followed by VinayakA meets Nolatency taking us on a journey of live electronic music and a closure by the modular synth maestro, Colin Benders.

At the center of this celebration was Huawei's Honor 7X which we put to use for capturing the essence of the evening. The smartphone proved to be our true ally, a perfect balance between style and speed. The force was strong with this one, throughout.

Here's the official showreel of our celebratory evening with Honor 7X.