We are celebrating 51 years of Star Trek, come join us
Pop Culture
For the 51 years Star Trek has existed, the world has seen strides in technology that has brought us closer to using the gadgets aboard the USS Enterprise. As a publication straddling in the intersection of technology and pop culture, it'd be remiss of us to not pay a tribute to the iconic franchise. So we the band of merrymakers of Gizmodo India is organising a one-of-a-kind audio visual experience at an uptown pub in South Delhi.

Aptly named Deep Space, we'll be venturing deep into the final frontier at warp speed with Strange Movements and Else If working their magic. For those unaware, Strange Movements is a breakthrough audio visual act by electronic music producer Spryk and visual artist thebigfatminimalist. Splicing various new media techniques, the duo have created a unique dancefloor experience that immerses its audience in a world of sound and light.

Joining them will be Else If, a genre-free act from New Delhi, India comprising of G " Force" Arjun & Puneesh Suri. They draw inspiration from sounds around them, live instruments & technology. Their music essentially comprises of odd time signatures & rhythms, layered natural & unnatural soundscapes over grooves that seem to possess a mind of their own. Most of their musical ideas are conceived using acoustic instruments & objects which later mutate and crossbreed with technology to take an entirely new form.

The celebration will continue till late with Hoax , editor and founder of Euphoric Magazine, India's first electronic music magazine, closing the set.

We can't thank our partners Unmute , HMD Global and Auro enough for letting us go where no tech publication in India has gone before.

The event is happening at Auro Kitchen and Bar in South Delhi on 24th September, Sunday 16:30PM onwards. We want to reach out to a wide audience and hence the event has a free entry with limited seating. It will be on a first come, first serve basis. And since this is when we all join in on the interstellar adventure of Captain Kirk and co, we would like you to come dress up in Star Trek colours as well Red, Blue or Yellow.

"Live long and prosper."