We went into the future and saw the iPhone launch, so that you don’t have to
(The following description is completely fictional. If any of these happens in real life, it’s purely coincidental)

It’s hard to keep calm when there’s something big ‘Cook’ing inside that spaceship like new Apple Park campus.With less than 24 hours to go , we we took a peek into the near future and jotted down what is going to go down at the Apple event tonight.

So here it goes.

Darkness, absolute darkness, except for the smartphone and laptop screens glowing like fireflies. Walks in a tall man in his 50s, in navy blue, to the centre of the stage, as the crowd applauds. The man, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc greets the crowd as he kickstarts one of the most awaited tech events of the year.

Tim Cook: "Good morning, it's a beautiful day in Cupertino. I would like to welcome you all to the new Apple Park and to the Steve Jobs Auditorium, named after our late founder. Steve laid the foundation of this very campus just like he did 10 years ago with the iPhone followed by the iPad that have revolutionised the way we live our lives.”

Cook then explains how the iPhone became the best selling smartphone of all time with over 1.2 billion sales since they introduced it. “It is the best consumer product that there is.” There are some testimonials, there are more numbers and stats thrown on the screen to bore the audience.

Cook's next task will be to, well, throw some more details on latest changes , a 4K support for Apple TV (yay), Apple's programmings for the upcoming video streaming (okay), the App store (duh), and Apple Music (yay) and some new content deals (Planet of the Apps isn’t from this planet).

AR Kit

To Apple, AR is the future. Essentially, VR is non-existent to them and it sucks. “We at Apple think that the AR is big, it’s huge. We are excited because of the things that could be done with it, that could improve a lot of lives and be entertaining.” There is no better way to demonstrate the power of AR than through games and apps. And so, Apple brings in an AR app developer on stage to demonstrate a new AR game. This will also be the reason why Android users will be most jealous of.

Apple Watch

Cook trots back on the stage.

Cook: Apple Watch, currently, the best selling product in the wearable category, far exceeding any competition. Slides now show the sales figures, in graphs, comparing to Fitbit and other wearables.

“Today we announce the new Apple Watch Series 3. I invite Jeff Williams to introduce you to the new Apple Watch".

As Cook walk way from the stage, in comes Jeff Williams running:

Jeff Williams: "We are very excited today to announce the latest Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 3. Now I invite on stage, Kevin Lynch, Vice President of Technology who is going to do the demo.”

Kevin goes on to explain the new added features such as LTE connectivity and how they improved the design to meet new demands. Most importantly, how the new Apple Watch can detect blood sugar levels using its latest technology. Williams will then welcome to the stage a guest to explain the new features from a user perspective followed by a short video.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Tim Cook comes back onto the stage to announce the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus , Apple’s iterative upgrades to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They decided to get over with the “S” updates because frankly, there were far too many of them to handle. Plus, it was always a tongue-twisting effort to pronounce the names had they continued. Anyway, the audience isn’t waiting for these iPhones as well. They saw it coming. Now, they want a bigger piece of the cake. But Tim Cook takes his time.

Tim Cook: “Today we are announcing two new iPhones, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. These are the best iPhones Apple has ever released.” To tell you more about them, I invite Phil Schiller to the stage.”

Phil Schiller walks up to the stage

Phil Schiller: Thank you Tim. Hello everyone. Today we are announcing the newest versions of iPhones. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. We think you’re gonna love it!

Schiller then goes to explain the new updates they are bringing to the new iPhone. From the much more powerful A11 Fusion chipset optimised for AR, improved 3D touch, faster charging, and improved camera.

Schiller is thrilled to explain the new Retina displays on the 8 and 8 Plus that has a higher refresh rate and Apple’s True Tone technology. He will point out how much the graphics performance of the new iPhone has improved compared to the last generation iPhone and to the original one. “This is the best iPhone we made since iPhone!” (what?)

Schiller focuses on new additions to the camera, especially the front facing one. And it’s time again for another video.


Schiiller then announces a slight update to the AirPods.

Schiller: AirPods have changed the way we listen to music, Today we updated the AirPods with a new W2 chip. And most importantly, a repositioned charging indicator - it’s revolutionary.

Schiller states how Apple’s iPhones are still the best smartphones around as he passes the stage to Tim Cook.

Tim Cook, now on the stage, states the prices for every devices announced on the day and when they will all be available for sales.

One more thing

As Tim Cook winds up the event, he pauses for a moment, and delivers that one line that puts the entire Apple fan base into multiple orgasms. “One more thing.”

The crowd bursts in joy. It feels like everything in the life of an Apple fan has culminated into this moment in their lives. They applaud in excitement. Cook stands there, silent, taking it all in, with a small smile on his face, knowing what they had to go through to bring this new iPhone.

Tim Cook: “Today, we are announcing something special, a new iPhone and we call it the iPhone X."

Yep, we lost the bets on that as well.

His words makes the crowd go wild as a video starts to play on the screen, narrated by a very familiar voice, Jony Ive’s:

"When we designed the original iPhone, we wanted it to be a single piece of glass…and today we have accomplished that", as the new, much awaited iPhone X is showcased in a typical Apple-esque video. Ive narrates poetically the craft behind the bezel less display and the glass design.

Cook talks about the bezel-less screen and the new face detection unlocking that is supposedly much safer than TouchID and more seamless as well.

Oh, and there's support for the Apple Pencil as well!

Cue another video outlining the 10-year journey of the iPhone.

The event ends with Tim Cook coming on to the stage, announcing the mouthwatering price of $1199 with availability in December, and most importantly how this is the “best and most intuitive” iPhone they have ever made.

Cook: It’s truly magical and we can’t wait to get it to your hands.

As the attendees come up to the surface, Apple’s new campus starts to swirl around its axis, firing up on all cylinders as it lifts off the surface with people in awe of the sight.

Gizmodo literally “ comes from the future ” and we know this is what’s going to go down at the event. Don’t believe us? Watch the Apple event live here.