Xiaomi to launch a dual-camera phone in India next month, Mi 5X inbound?
Manu Kumar Jain, Vice President of Xiaomi and Managing Director of Xiaomi India has revealed in a tweet that the company will be launching its first dual-camera smartphone in India next month. His tweet didn't mention which smartphone b ut we can only guess that it will either be the Mi 5X, Mi 6 or the upcoming successor to the Mi Note 2 from last year.

has largely been undecided to launch their flagship smartphone , Mi 6, in India . This is probably because of the success it has garnered with the Redmi lineup and it doesn't want to take a risk in bringing anything higher than the Rs 25,000 price mark . The Mi 6 was launched back in April featuring a twin 12-megapixel camera system, a wide angle and a telephoto lens of 27mm and 52mm with aperture sizes f/1.8 and f/2.6, supported by optical image stabilisation.

Another reason why Xiaomi might not launch its flagship smartphone in India is that when it launched the Mi 5 last year, the smartphone met with poor response. Even Hugo Barra, ex- VP of Xiaomi Global admitted that it was the company's mistake not to bring the 64GB variant of the Mi 5 to India.

Another smartphone that Xiaomi could possibly launch next month is the unannounced successor to yesteryear's Mi Note 2. On the basis of some rumours and renders that have made their way on the i nternet, a ' Mi Note 3' might also be in the works. However, the prospect of this happening is really slim. For Xiaomi to launch the ' Mi Note 3' in India by next month, it would have to announce it first in China, in the next few weeks. That would then make it perfectly align with the smartphone's launch in India next month as stated in Manu Kumar Jain's tweet.

Alternatively, the smartphone in question can also be the recently announced Mi 5X smartphone which made its appearance in China last month. It features a 12-megapixel dual camera setup similar to the Mi 6. Now, launching th is under the Rs 25,000 price-mark would make a lot of sens e . The company has made good success with the Redmi range of smartphones and offers impressive handsets ranging from Rs 5,999 to Rs 16,999 . It will only be logical that the company would want to venture out and capture the next, underpopulated, sub-25,000 segment.

Recently the company launched Mi Max 2 which is currently the cheapest smartphone under the Mi brand available in India. Xiaomi has repeatedly said that they will only launch one flagship smartphone in India each year but they could re-visit that considering the amount of popularity and sales the company has amassed.

Xiaomi might also want to own the sub-35,000 segment in India as it has done with the sub-15,000 budget segment after the OnePlus 5 failed to set the market on fire or kill any flagship this year. Pick any catchphrase you like!