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Amazon Drones Are Truly Revolutionary [Marketing]

Amazon Drones Are Truly Revolutionary [Marketing]

Amazon Drones Are Truly Revolutionary [Marketing]

The most thrilling [marketing] advancement in recent years was unveiled last night on 60 Minutes. If you missed it-how could you have missed it?-Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos detailed the [marketing] future of his company for millions [of potential customers]: Amazon PrimeAir . The [marketing] future is here, and it is [vague promises of] 30-minute delivery by drones.

That's right! It's just a matter of [at least five years'] time before Amazon's [currently fictitious] army of drones takes to the skies to deliver your [five pounds or lighter] package straight to your doorstep['s general GPS location] [assuming you live within 10 miles of an Amazon fulfillment center] [which you don't]. If that doesn't sound like the future [of marketing], I don't know what does.

Sure, there are [overwhelming] challenges ahead for PrimeAir. But let the [totally rational] naysayers have their quibbles. Who cares that the FAA won't approve commercial drone use by 2015 [at the earliest, but really more like 2020, and even that's wildly optimistic]? What does it matter that a GPS-guided, unmanned drone's journey might have a few [potentially harmful, particularly in urban areas] hiccups along the way? Jeff Bezos has a [marketing] vision.

You'd think that Amazon would spend the night before the busiest online shopping day of the year publicizing its numerous deals, but clearly that's not a priority [for 60 Minutes producers]. Instead, Bezos talked about PrimeAir on 60 Minutes, the most reputable [and watched] weekly news program [that's willing to turn a blind eye to practicalities in exchange for a scoop] in America. That's how you know Amazon is serious [about grabbing headlines any way it can today].

Yes, there have been [stunty, student project-type] delivery drones before. But only Amazon has the wherewithal to pull off a [marketing] feat of this magnitude. Only Amazon can show us the [marketing] future before it [never] happens. And only a visionary [marketer] like Jeff Bezos can command this kind of attention [based on nothing, on a day that nearly $2 billion of online retail revenue is in play] with just one disruptive [for pigeons] idea.

The future [of marketing] is here. It's called PrimeAir. And today, it's going to change your [Twitter feed's] life.

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