Brazil's Soccer Team Has Smart Gatorade Bottles That Track Hydration

Andrew Liszewski, Gawker Media

Everyone knows you should drink plenty of fluids when playing sports, but hydration actually becomes an exact science when the pride of your nation is at stake during something like the World Cup. That's why at this year's tournament, Brazil's soccer team is using specially-designed Gatorade bottles that track how much the players are drinking.

Not only do the bottles contain specific mixes of the energy drink, custom-engineered for each and every athlete, they also feature sip sensors that record how much the players have consumed during a game. That data is wirelessly transmitted to a central database where it's made accessible via a tablet app that allows coaches to keep tabs on how each player is doing.

Is it cheating? You should think of it more as refining a technique that athletes already use to stay competitive, but pushing it to its limits to ensure they can stay competitive for a full 90 minutes, and even into overtime as required. [Gatorade via Smart Design via PSFK]

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