Solar Impulse Has Made It to Tulsa
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Solar Impulse Has Made It to Tulsa
Image: Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse has chalked up another 1,000 miles in its bid to circumnavigate the globe. The all-electric solar-powered airplane successfully flew from Phoenix to Tulsa, landing in the dead of night.

The flight took just over 18 hours, with the airplane-under the control of Bertrand Piccard-managing to hit an average speed of just 54 mph. The airplane uses 17,000 solar panels on its wing to charge 2,077 pounds of lithium battery, so there's a lot of weight to carry, hence the slow speeds.

Now the rest of the journey remains: On to New York, Europe or North Africa, and then finally Abu Dhabi, where the attempt started . There's a little way to go yet.