This Sculpture Would Result From 200 Arrows Hitting One Target
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What would happen if 200 arrows somehow magically hit the same bullseye? Pfeilschaften , an installation by the Polish artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski and her German counterpart, Bodo Korsig , visualizes just that.

Pfeilschaften , which loosely translates to ""Arrow Machinations,"" is currently on display at TUFA , a gallery in the ancient German town of Trier. Smigla-Bobinski and Korsig have meticulously pieced together hundreds of tufted arrows to create the piece, which hangs in the middle of the gallery as though frozen in time. There's a dash of humor to the installation-other arrows are scattered across nearby walls, as though they missed the target. Their precise placement plays tricks on your eyes, and it's easy to imagine a fleet of very skilled invisible archers taking aim at the same target. It's the art school equivalent to the old arrow hat gag . [ Lustik via MyModernMet ]