Modi Run: Not an Indianised Temple Run
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As the election season hits the country, political PR and marketing is something you cannot ignore. And with Modi’s passion for ‘development’ and ‘technology’, it is only natural that we see him be the face of an app. After the NaMo Smartphone, a gaming app labeled as “Modi Run” has hit the Google Play Store.

Don’t get misled by the name. It is not an Indianised Temple Run where Modi would be seen hanging and dangling from ropes. However, the game is more of a Mario kind interface, where in the ‘run for elections’ prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is seen collecting votes (instead of the coins).

The American app developer Dexati claims “This Game is not endorsed by Modi or BJP. This game is purely for entertainment made as Parody of Indian Elections.” As a parody is it entertaining? We figure out in this review.

The gameplay

It is a dumbed down version of Mario. As the lead character (Narendra Modi in this case) jumps around in the backdrop of a city, the aim is to reach the ballot box staged at the end of every level. Each level is based in an Indian state, with the total number adding to 12. With a similar game set up at every level, it is a rhetoric that continues at every stage.

The animated Modi runs, flies and collects souvenirs. A feather makes him lighter and a spikes placed along the track might bring you to square one. At the end of each level what you see is a BJP ballot box, where Modi is happily seen collecting votes. Good thing? There is no system of ‘lives’ and hence, you never die. Bad thing? The buggy gameplay is a ‘little’ irritating. And it is not Temple Run, it does come to an end.


The running avatar of Modi is identifiable and the backdrop for each state is representative of the same. Other than that, well… it is nothing out of the ordinary.

Who will love it?

Well it is already a hit amidst Modi fans. The result and the character both compliment that choice.

Who will hate it?

Anyone who hates in-app advertisements. (Which means just about everyone). Amidst rumours that the game itself is a political ad, there are ads for other apps after every stage. You die, you see an ad. You win, you see an ad. You lose, you see an ad.


For the idea of getting politics into gaming, well the game is a rarity. If you are a Modi fan, this might just give you a tinge of excitement. If you are not, there is nothing special in the game to hook you. The advertisements that pop up every 10 seconds will just make you lose your grip and getting addicted to the game is highly unlikely. But play it for the fun. After all, it is not every day that you see Narendra Modi running on the screen of your phone.

Available for: Android | Price: Free

Giz rank – 2/5

The above review is done by Gurman Bhatia, who is a Mass Communication student at Delhi University. Follow her on Twitter at @GurmanBhatia .