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In a time when our intellectual senses are getting their regular doses online, it is not only an array of movies or games that being made available online. India’s very own Handygo Technologies has come up with a Rockstand app for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. The company has partnered with various publishers such as Pearl publications, Sapna book House, Network 18 publications, OM Books, Times Group, Pratham etc. to give it access to books and magazines by each of these publishers.

The readers can now expect to get reading their favourite books and magazines right on their tablets and phones. This app boasts of providing a bookshelf function along with free eBooks. Although there are a number of ebook providers available online, what makes the Rockstand app stand apart is the regional content they have on offer through this app. Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, you name it and it has it all. It transports you back to your childhood days with comics like Chacha Chaduri, Billu and Pinki, which made up for a major part of your reading in those days. A tie-up with Diamond comics is enough to keep your children hooked on to their lovable characters even on your phone or tablet.

This app seems just like flipping a real book and it doesn’t matter if you have to stop reading a particular book in the middle, it remembers the page number for you while also giving you the option to bookmark the page you are leaving it at to only continue from the same point later.

It offers books, magazines, from authors of national and international repute and lets you create your own virtual library which is not too “heavy” to carry around either. The text to speech feature reads the stories aloud, so one in case you are not feeling sleepy, you wouldn’t miss your old trick of having someone read out a bedtime story to you.

Featuring content in Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and many more languages, makes it stand out amongst the many other virtual libraries existing. If you are the kind who does not like reading books online, maybe you should think again. This app is designed to make you experience of reading books online a pleasant one. With various options to change the font size, the line spacing, the background color, the alignment, this app also provides you the option to use the day and night modes, in case you need to read the book at night without having to keep the light on.

As per a report in Medianama, Rockstand in August 2013, partnered with Delhi Press , Next-Gen publishing Hay market, BPB Publishing and Magna Publishing, while earlier this month it also partnered with Vodafone India to offer operator billing to its customers, which would allow users to buy the digital content available online and pay through their mobile bill/balance and that too at rates cheaper than the current price offered on the app. This is a great opportunity for those who are skeptical about providing their bank details online.

Not missing out on the use of the social media, the company claims that this app also allows users to connect with other users of the app. The users can now search, add and get connected with like minded people on Rockstand.

Seems like nothing less than a boon for all the “book worms” out there!