Facebook Will Helpfully Remind You of All Your Romantic Mistakes Today
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Image: AP Photo/Esteban Felix, edited only slightly by Bryan Menegus

Today is Valentine's Day-a great excuse to spend a romantic evening with your significant other(s), and a pretty cool time to work on commission at a jewelry store. But for every couple or polyamorous gaggle sharing swigs of cheap wine, there are plenty of single people just trying to forget about the sickening level of PDA they're bound to have rubbed in their sad, lonely faces.

Even the romantically entangled among us have all had their fair share of horrifying misadventures in Sexville: The ex who lied about a bunch of shit, the ex who grew in a different direction, the ex who was actually a cop and spent four long years of matrimony investigating your possible connections to an anarchist group that really, in the scheme of things, didn't do all that much to smash the state. We've all been there.

But if you forgot-perhaps even tried to forget-Facebook's helpful On This Day feature is here to remind you. That's the fun little widget that shows you a post from this date in years past. On Valentine's Day, it's only slightly less alarming than the time Facebook told a bunch of users they had died .

Sure, you can block On This Day from showing this stuff, but clearly these people didn't:

Tell us below what sorts of exes Facebook dredged up today, and Happy Valentine's day to all. And remember: Tomorrow there will be a lot of chocolate on sale.