Amazon India head shares the recipe to be successful in ecommerce world!
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Amazon India head Amit Agarwal talks about what is right with Amazon, which has lead to the company's success. 

Diksha Gupta,

While many premier e-commerce players are having a tough time in India, Amazon is faring pretty decently. The company claims a consistent growth over the past three years, since its debut in the Indian market. In this short spanIndia has become one of the prime markets in Amazon's global scheme of things. 

India is important to the extent that Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, has inducted Amit Agarwal, head of Amazon India, in his prestigious S Team. Taking the next step of growth, Amazon India announced the launch of Amazon Launchpad, a platform for start-ups to market their products. During the launch caught up exclusively with Amit Agarwal to understand his vision for Amazon India, Amazon Launchpad, the Indian e-commerce market, demonetisation et al. Here is the video conversation:

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