How digital marketing is incomplete without email marketing!
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Continue reading in association with SendinBlue recently organised a round table discussion on digital marketing and its drivers and got some of the top companies to spill beans on its usage in their companies.

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Technology is the main driver of marketing today. Consumers now spend more time on digital medium (mobiles, smart devices and laptops combined) as compared to any other medium. That requires marketers to be constantly connected with them through their devices.

Marketing too has evolved with time. It is no longer just about customer awareness, brand amplification and credibility building but has moved on to generating sales leads and boosting revenue. Marketers are now challenged to use integrated tools to engage and connect with their customers, target them with customised sales, measure their loyalty and sentiment and track the buyers' journey - all in a hope of increasing the conversion rate. got the digital marketing leads of the country's  top notch industry for a boardroom discussion on  'New-Age Marketing Strategy Conclave 2016' to brainstorm on how digital marketing has evolved and how the companies are using it. Here are the key takeaways from this discussion:

Manu Gupt, VP-Marketing & Growth, UrbanClap: Four years back when we started the digital journey, we launched our TV campaign and we realised that only four per cent of the consumers use mobile. Six months later, that number was 45 per cent. That is how major the shift has been in consumer space of information discovery. It is not only purchases or doing transactions on mobile. It is also about where users are spending their time. It is for the companies to see whether they are present in that space, and whether they are able to take enough mindshare of the users.

Rajat Dayal, VP-Global Channels and Marketing, Mahindra Comviva: We are a B2B company operating in 130 countries. Traditionally the model for B2B involves conferences and customer connecting events. The logistics and expense of doing such activities in  130 countries is huge. For us, it has been a huge shift moving to the digital model with  mobile being the key focus for consumption. We use email marketing and social media extensively which is well targeted towards the desired consumers. This medium is important as I can pin point the right person I want to reach out to.

Akash Gupta, GM Marketing, Mobikwik: We are an app first company. Any new innovation that we do first happens on the app and if it is accepted well, then it is applied to the website too. \We should look at digital from the consumer perspective. If I (as a consumer) get an SMS or a push notification at the time when I get up from bed, it may not work so well for me. However if I get news alert at that time, I would want to scroll through it. As a user, that's how I would want the brands to behave. I think marketing today is more consumer led.

Amit Sharma, CVP - Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Max Life Insurance:  Mobile has become very relevant from the consumer perspective. It is the medium of discovery. Insurance as a category is still experiencing most consumer traffic from desktop considering the nature and duration of purchase. What becomes critical \is the consumer context which we are able to leverage at the right stage across devices. Email marketing becomes an important component of any chase strategy that one might want to deploy. An effective chase strategy is at the core of driving any business to growth.

Abhineet Sawa, VP-Marketing, OYO Rooms: For us, our core competition is the offline market that exists. A customer who gets out of a railway station, gets on to an auto and orders to take him to a hotel is the customer we are actually targeting. That traditional customer goes by the word of mouth or what he has experienced before. For us, the core has been to figure out how the offline channels work and to digitise them to make sure that customer adopts the platform but ones a customer utilizes our services we can target him for future through email marketing.

Sameer Jain, Director-Onsite Marketing, ShopClues: A major challenge for us is to retain the ]customer because online shoppers are basically hoppers. If they are looking for a camera, they don't care whether they get it on Shopclues or Flipkart or any other platform as long as they get a good seller and a good deal. A good online strategy will help us eventually in retaining the deal. Customers today are connected with a company like ours in many ways. Even after that, if we send them emails that are irrelevant to them, it will distract the customer and detach them from us.

Kapil Sharma, Co-founder & COO, SendinBlue: Even when so many digital marketing modes are available today, email marketing is the cheapest and the most convenient way to reach out to a customer. It can easily define the  type of audience and it can work very well in terms of Brand awareness.

A company can connect with the customer to understand his specific requirements through feedback about the services of the brand without bothering them with messages or calls. In email marketing, customer acquisition is very difficult, but engagement with existing customers for new offers, notifications and feedbacks through email is very important for building and recognizing any brand.  For that, relevance and content are two main key factors. The best way to create brand loyalty is by giving them the best experience which comes while being connected to them.