HP laptops are recording everything you type
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A security researcher has revealed a critical vulnerability in a piece of software which comes pre-installed on numerous laptop brands and models.

This specific bug has been found in the Synaptics software which commands keyboard as well as trackpad inputs on 460 different HP laptop models, including numerous versions of the HP Pavilion, the HP ProBook as well as the HP EliteBook.

The bug has been named as  "keylogger," which is capable of recording your keystrokes. A keylogger is dangerous if used by a hacker as it records and transmits your keystrokes to reveal your confidential information.

The good news however is that the keylogger incorporated in the Synaptics software on HP laptops is disabled by default, and a hacker would require a laptop's administrative rights to turn it on. This means that a hacker would need physical access to an HP laptop to activate the keylogger.

"Neither Synaptics nor HP has access to customer data as a result of this issue," HP claimed on its support page.

 HP has also floated a list of the affected laptop models, as well as a host of software updates to fix the bug. If you are unaware of your HP laptop's model, you can look for a sticker underneath the laptop which may contain the model number.

It is still not clear that whether the bug is a result of a flaw in  Synaptics' software or in the process in which Synaptics technology was deployed on HP laptops.

HP's special support page mentions about the situation that the bug can hit " all Synaptics OEM partners," which implies that any laptop brand that utilizes Synaptics for keyboard and trackpad control can be impacted.