Samsung Phone Explodes in Man's Shirt Pocket
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Rajat Kabade

Another report of Samsung device exploding has created a buzz on social media. A user in Indonesia is seen falling on the ground and trying to remove the device from the pocket as it exploded. A CCTV footage has captured the entire incident.

Just a few months ago the Galaxy Note 7 was banned by various airlines around the world. The South Korean tech giant has been blamed again for the similar incident. However, the company claims that the user in Indonesia was not using the Samsung authorized battery on the phone. The Indonesian user involved in this incident owned Samsung Grand Duos.

Samsung had released Grand Duos model in 2013. In the official statement, Samsung wishes the customer for a speedy recovery. The company also urges all the customers to only use Samsung genuine accessories in their devices. A news like this creates a negative impression about a brand in the consumer industry. 

The South Korean manufacturer had no fault in this particular incident but it alarms all smartphone users around the world. It reminds how dangerous these devices could become. Using third-party batteries and other components is very common in developing countries. The cheaper price point drives customers to opt for third-party spares during major smartphone repairs.

Even last year during Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung had issued an apology note and recalled the smartphones.