Twitter admits revealing user location without consent
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Micro-blogging platform, Twitter has admitted that a bug revealed the location of some users. The location of users' tweets was revealed without their consent. Twitter users reported this issue last week.

The bug on the platform revealed the location of Twitter users when they tried to add an emoji or GIF to their tweets. The issue affected only a small percentage of users. The issue was discovered and reported by users, directing the accounts associated with Twitter and its founders. Some users also claimed that the location that was revealed was not an actual location.

The company has acknowledged the issue in this official tweet- "We've discovered an issue for a small percentage of people who recently had location-sharing on, Tweeted from, and tapped to add an emoji or GIF. In certain instances, a city-level location was also included in the Tweet."

According to the public complaints, the location that the bug added to user's tweet was a place that the user had recently visited or searched on the platform. @TwitterSupport handle usually responds to the issues raised by users. This particular privacy concern was reported by so many users that the company had to release a public tweet explaining the problem.

Twitter has reportedly removed the locations of the affected tweets. The company has also reached out to users fo these accounts via email. Even in the past, the micro-blogging platform has been in the news for lack of privacy and security measures. Back in 2014, Twitter was under fire for collecting the kind of data from users that was not really needed by the service.

The micro-blogging platform was collecting the data from other apps that are installed on users smartphones. Back then, Twitter clarified that the platform was collecting the data on what apps are installed, and no data from within apps. Other leading social media platforms like Facebook have been accused of collecting information about apps installed on users' devices. 

This particular incident of users' location data being stolen was reported right after Google admitted the bug in Android. On Thursday, Google confirmed the location data being stolen through Android smartphones even when the location services were turned off. The data was leaked even if there is no SIM installed on the Android smartphone. Google has been summoned by regulators in South Korea for questioning.

- Rajat Kabade