Tech Mahindra and Unity join hands for AR/VR programming training center
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The top IT firm in India, Tech Mahindra has partnered with Unity Technologies for opening a center of excellence in Bengaluru. The training facility will focus on technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile gaming and other major technologies used in the media and entertainment industry.

This is the first time Tech Mahindra is partnered with Unity Technologies for setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) facility for the emerging technologies. The IT company will leverage the creation engine that Unity Technologies has created for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). 

The San Francisco-based Unity Technologies owns one of the biggest licensed game engines in the world. The company has recently started working with Indian IT firms for AR and VR development. Tech Mahindra's team will develop the solutions for CoE based on Unity 3D platform. 

Indraneel Ganguli, senior VP at Tech Mahindra believes that the strategic partnership with Unity Technologies will help the company to meet the programming requirement and demand from the client. The center will be developed in Tech Mahindra's Bengaluru facility. With almost 70% of the world's VR work being done on Unity engines, it is a high-time that Indian IT firms start training the resources for Unity technologies.

Ganguli further revealed that Tech Mahindra customers are demanding more options around immersive experiences in gaming, media and entertainment industry. The partnership will help Tech Mahindra to become one of the early players to develop expertise in AR, VR and MR solutions. On the other hand, Unity Technologies is quite excited about this partnership for CoE. The US-based company recognizes the scope for growth in media and entertainment space. 

The center will house 100 engineers, to begin with, the company plans to scale up to 500 engineers by 2019. Tech Mahindra will soon announce the training program for employees that are looking to upskill in the AR and VR technologies. The CoE (Center for Excellence) will focus on training, consulting and research.

- Rajat Kabade