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Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is known for getting it rightmost of the time . He is credited with having written some gripping scripts while working with Ram Gopal Varma, and directed hard-hitters that married mainstream cinema with art house film sensibilities. Always one to innovate and experiment, Kashyap (under his banner AKFPL) along with Viacom18 Motion Pictures has produced five short films by promising filmmakers, which are available for free on Youtube.

The one that caught our nerd-eye was director Vasan Bala's 10-minuter, Geek Out. Bala, whose debut film Peddlers was shown at Cannes last year, sought to explore the alter ego of the Indian geek - one that lurks around the interwebs, being everything the physical geek isn't.

While we certainly appreciate the intent to reach out to us cyber folk, there's hardly any real reference to actual geekery, save for the protagonist posting a YouTube comment - which, in 2013, doesn't really count. Geek Out also fails to address the wide range of ways in which we express ourselves online, and instead chooses to focus on a lovelorn type whose only real claim to nerd fame is his hydraulic convertible standing desk. (Where CAN we get those in India? - they're awesome!)

If you're going to tell our story, can't it have a little more realism instead of allowing the tale to drift helplessly into Bollywood damsel-in-distress territory?

Watch the film below and let us know what you think in the comments.