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It’s one thing, in the super-competitive world of online leaks, to get the scoop on a new device’s official pics. It’s quite another to have the company website upload that scooped pic as their official image!

Heartiest congratulations to @evleaks who (inadvertently) trolled ZTE India by getting his watermark onto the official product page of the recently launched ZTE Grand X Quad Lite smartphone.

On being asked by a bunch of excited television reporters (ok, maybe just by Gizmodo India) how he felt, Ev responded: "I find it quite flattering, if anything. In my version of things, my watermark has become so prevalent that it often times disappears to regular industry watchers. Of course, that could be pure ego speaking."

Well, we think it’s ok to have that sort of (self-deprecatory) ego, espeically when you see this kind of thing happening regularly with your images (like a recent incident on a Polish carrier ’s page ) but we also think it could be because of the well documented “I’m feeling lucky on Google Image Search” photo-sourcing strategy prevalent in this part of the world!

We're assuming that ZTE will replace the image eventually, so we're not gonna bother with updating this post when they do.